3 Temperature Water Glow

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3-Color Water Glow LED Faucet Light Temperature Sensor
LED faucet light helps children to avoid scalding water
A necessary tool for every home

This is a sensitive faucet light designed to provide a visual indication of water temperature
Features temperature control and color change
Fits onto most taps and lights up a set of LED light when you turn on the tap, transforming the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light Built-in temperature sensor tells you whether the water is cold or hot, and changes color of light accordingly
Blue LED lights when the water temperature is or below 31°C
Green LED lights when the water temperature is between 32°C and 43°C
Red LED lights when the water temperature is between 44°C and 50°C
LED light will red and blue flashing to remind you the water temperature too high when it is above 51°C
Color: as shown in the picture
Size: 32 x 22mm (L x Diameter)
Package Included: 1 x LED Faucet Light